Incorporated in 2012, people often ask about our name, Seven Trees Consulting, Inc.  How was it created? No, we are not a nursery where you can purchase trees!  The “seven trees” represent our seven children. They are all very unique individuals; how they communicate, where they live, how they see life, and the struggles and triumphs they have, even as young adults. They are our motivation to equip people. Seven Trees Consulting, Inc. provides encouragement and life skills and tools for individuals and businesses. We don’t sugar coat anything, we tell it like it is with trust and honesty as our base. Life is too short to not live to the potential you are made for.

Brenda Stuart


Although Brenda Stuart began her coaching career on an ice rink, she now engages her clients in conference rooms and coffee shops as a Certified Life Coach. For more than ten years, Brenda has been coaching boards in the non-profit world as well as teams in the business sector. Ms. Stuart will work in any team environment and is committed to bringing out the best in everyone. Her focus is getting the results that will benefit your team members, and she will work with you to achieve those goals.


When coaching, Brenda’s motivation is for her clients to experience their “aha” moment. In that instant, a new awareness empowers her clients to make needed changes. Without mincing words, Brenda’s style of teaching is hard hitting yet fun and impactful. Brenda’s enthusiasm for the coaching process makes it more of a win!


In addition to coaching, Brenda is also the co-author of Restored and Remarried — Encouragement for Couples in a Stepfamily, as well as an international speaker on relationships. She is available to speak at corporate, non-profit and women’s events. Brenda lives in Clark County, Washington with her husband, Gil. Yes, she still skates to stay in shape!

"Brenda’s style of training is hard hitting, fun and impactful. She is all about getting the results that will benefit you and/or your team members and will work with you to achieve those goals."

Current Client


“I greatly enjoyed you and your presentation. Thanks for the incites to apply for a lifetime."

Doug, Department Manager, Clark County, WA

Gil Stuart


Gil Stuart’s heartfelt concern for people facing challenges is first expressed in seeking to understand their emotions and goals. He will work toward clients’ goals with practical solutions. Building hope collaboratively is a wonderful strength Gil practices. Courage grows as people contend with their personal mental hang-ups. Gil’s balanced approach to counseling is equipped and supported by study and experience in multiple areas.


  • Gil has counseled numerous clients in marriage, divorce care, remarriage and stepfamily dynamics as well as personal loss, grief and stress management.
  • Gil is trained and certified both as a premarital and marriage coach. He is also a trainer for Prepare & Enrich and Flag Page Assessments. Using these tools is quite an encouragement as you discover what’s right about you!
  • Gil is a licensed pastor. He is qualified to address your issues in a biblical context—if you so desire. Solid mental health can be the result of a counseling experience addressing body, soul, and spirit.
  • Gil’s undergraduate work was in cultural anthropology. Having traveled the globe, Gil’s worldview is not limited or ethnocentric.
  • With nearly 30 years’ experience as a professional insurance agent, Gil has been seasoned by real-life tragedy and business dealings.
  • Gil has special training with the Speed of Trust material for business environments via the Steven Covey Institute.


Gil Stuart’s depth and breadth in counseling and business have earned him the following titles:


Counselor, Marriage Coach, Licensed Pastor,

Author, Speaker/Presenter, Insurance Agent, Businessman, and World Traveler

Team Stuart


Gil and Brenda illustrate what they teach!


Corporate Coaching & Counseling

Together, the Stuarts claim over 50 years of business experience. They know to coach and train toward the outcomes you want. Improving communication within the team, between the team and management and/or its owners, the Stuarts foster/build engagement.


Counseling & Coaching

Combined for Couples

There are very few couples who work with couples. Bringing together both the male and the female perspectives on “the issue” is both comprehensive and disarming. Uniting Gil’s expertise in counseling and Brenda’s skillful coaching, this couple serves a one-two punch of encouragement and hope. Sounds corny, but it works!


Joint Speaking and Teaching

Since the Stuarts co-authored Restored and Remarried in 2005, Gil and Brenda have traveled extensively to conduct seminars, workshops, and retreats for marriage and remarriage. Their uniquely joint presentation actually illustrates the principles of marriage they advocate.


Gil and Brenda have been featured presenters at Family Life Step Family Summits and keynote speakers at Blended and Blessed events.


The Stuarts have also become a national resource interviewed on Family Life, Focus on the Family, 100 Hunt Street, Full Circle, Georgina Rice Show, and Stronger Families (Oxygen 365). Gil and Brenda served as guest hosts on Marriage Team Radio and the Project Patch radio show.

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